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Garage Door Spring Repairs

There are many things that can and should be done to make your door run smoother, quieter, safer, and lighter. The main adjustment that needs to be done is the most dangerous, the SPRINGS. Garage door spring repair should be left to the hands of a professional because, if done incorrectly, your garage door may be extremely difficult to open. At worst, faulty springs may also lead to serious injury. For garage door spring repair, replacement, or service, contact Best Choice Garage Doors. Our knowledgeable staff are reliable and have over 30 years of experience in garage door spring service.

Over a spring’s lifespan, it naturally gets weaker and makes the door heavier throwing other component parts out of whack. Faulty springs may turn into costly repairs as other begin to fail over time. You may also cause unnecessary stress to your body each time you have to forcibly open and close your garage door.

Replacing garage door cables may look simple but if done incorrectly, you may face large repair expenses and safety issues down the line. At worst, the incorrect repair of garage door cables may result in serious injury. Whether you are looking for garage door spring replacement or repair, Best Choice Garage Doors are true to our name.

Best Choice Garage Doors is available 24 hours a day to serve Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver. Call today for a free estimate. Whether it’s garage door maintenance, garage door repair, or overhead door installation, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. With more than 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff provide expert consultation on the best garage door parts and services for your budget to avoid unnecessary costs down the road.

When was the last time you serviced your garage door? After approximately 10,000 cycles, the spring will break and the door will be very heavy all of a sudden! At this point, you should stop trying to use the door immediately or somebody could get injured or even killed. If you try to use your garage door opener, you could cost yourself hundreds more in damage to the door and the garage door opener. This will happen to every door out there; when it does, you should be prepared. For garage door service in Surrey, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and the Lower Mainland, contact Best Garage Doors.
Our garage door spring replacement and garage door spring repair service ensure that we keep you safe while keeping unnecessary costs down. Take a look at the reviews of Best Choice Garage Doors and you’ll know why we stay true to our name.

For garage door spring repairs, replacement, or service, contact us anytime. Best Choice Garage Doors is happy to serve Surrey, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and the Lower Mainland 24 hours a day. Call now!

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